Friday, April 14, 2006

Bank Holiday - yey!

Yipeee...four whole days off work! I don't usually have bank holidays off as I work for a newspaper (people still expect their local rag to come out on a bank holiday!) but this year I've got the whole Easter weekend off!

Looking forward to a lazy weekend and lots of time to catch up on my hoodie and eat lotsa chocolate!

I've finished the pocket section on my hoodie. I'm really chuffed about this as I was a bit daunted by this part of the pattern. :)

Looking at some of the finished hoodies on display on the Craftster website I've decided that I will knit the sleeves the same khaki colour as the main colour of the body. I am slightly worried that I will run out of yarn though - lets hope my 400g ball will stretch that far!

Fingers crossed I will finish the front this weekend. Although I may get distracted by TV as the new Doctor Who series starts on Staurday! NO, I am not a geek! (well, just a little bit)


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