Sunday, April 09, 2006

A total Knitwit!

Last November (2005) it was very cold so I set off to town in search of a new jumper. After a whole afternoon traipsing around the shops I was totally fed up.... every time I tried on a jumper it either didn't fit, or was an unflattering shape. Maybe i'm just fussy, but if you are vertically challenged, curvy and haven't got a stomach like Angelina Jolie then the cropped jumper look isn't good!

Then, walking through WH Smith, a knitting handbook called Stitch N Bitch by Debbie Stoller caught my eye! Colourful an aimed towards young women it was full of modern designs in quirky colours and styles. So, inspired, I bought it immediately. I decided that if I couldn't find a jumper in the shops I'd make my own!

I'd been thinking about taking up knitting for a while, but had never really got round to it before. One of my earliest memories is of my great nan knitting when we went round to visit. As kids we always had knitted jumpers, hats & mittens made by my nan, my favourite being a green zip up hoody with a white stripe up the sleeves (very early 80s!). She never had a great deal of money, so this was a way that she could make us beautiful presents, and I was never embarrassed to wear them! Unfortunately, in the last few years of her life nan developed parkinsons, so she had to stop knitting, which was really sad as she was so talented. Recently I'd been thinking about this again and wanted to start knitting.

In the past i'd made some half hearted attempts to learn, but got frustrated easily- I never really got past making small squares, with lots of holes! However, Stitch N Bitch is a great book for learning to knit and helped me get p[ast the squares! Since buying the book in November Ive since made two jumpers, a sock ( I didnt make the other one as the first sock was really stiff - i think i used the wrong size needles), a baby hat and a one legged teddy bear ( I will make him another leg!)

At the moment i'm in the middle of knitting Under the Hoodie from Stitch N Bitch. Ive finished the back and started the front and will post sme pics soon!


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