Sunday, April 09, 2006

Under the hoodie in progress!

I started knitting Under the Hoodie last week. I've been dying to knit this ever since I bought Stitch and Bitch but have only just felt brave enough to tackle a hood and a pocket (my first two jumpers are pretty basic!)

As I am in the UK I was unable to find the weight of yarn specified in the pattern. There are very few knitting shops in Devon, so I had to go to Exmouth to find something suitable and affordable! I decided to plump for aran yarn as this is closer to the guage needed than DK.

I planned to knit a version of the hoody in different shades of green. Unfortunately, there were very few colours available in aran weight and these only came in 400g balls. I found a really lovely khaki green from Styklecraft (20% wool) for the main colour and the best green I could find for the stripe is a turquoise blue/green, with specks of the khaki. I'm still not totally sure I like the turqiouse colour, but we'll see how it goes! I decided to do without the smaller stripe in the pattern as there wasn't another shade of green available and I couldnt afford three 400g balls!

I'm undecided whether to use the turquoise coloiur for the sleeves, or to do the sleeves in the main colour.

My BF thinks the huge balls of yarn are really funny and uses them as a pillow while watching tv! I dont mind as long as he keeps unravelling the yarn for me while im knitting!

Anyhow, i've posted what ive done so far. I've knitted the back in a week and started on the front. this hoodie seems wuite quick to knit in the aran wool, which is good as i get distracted easily..... ive ordered Debbie Stollers new crochet book Happy Hooker, so i need to finish this before the book arrives and I'm tempted by new projects!


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